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Not feeling well

It’s no secret I’ve been sick again. This time, it must be viral though, and not related to the medication debacle from a while back. I’m doing better very, very slowly. But I don’t know if it’s Covid-19 as I couldn’t get tested. Hopefully, things will return to normal soon as I still have to […]

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Eight years

It’s been eight years now since we lost you, sis. Eight years without you in them. It seems like that should be an eternity, but I remember it all like it was yesterday. Holding your hand as you took your last breath was the most painful thing I’ve ever done. I miss you more than […]

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My twin sister passed away nearly 8 years ago this month. Nothing has been the same. My entire life was shattered. I still can’t believe she’s gone forever. She was like the other half of myself. Here is a photo of us meeting Michael Hutchence from INXS in Austin in 1993. Such a fun night […]

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