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Cover reveal!!!

It’s here!!! The cover for Descent of the Vile! I’ve updated the page with my current works and posted this on my social media, but for those of you who haven’t seen it, here is the cover! There is more information about the book on the Written Works page or on the World Castle Publishing […]

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Young Soon Doolen

I don’t know how to explain the impact that Young Soon Doolen had on my life. Her daughters were my best friends throughout middle school and high school. We stayed close after graduation. I grew up with all of them. Although I am very close with my own family, Young Soon was almost like another […]

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3 precancerous growths

3 of the 4 polyps removed from my colon were precancerous. This does not mean they were going to turn into cancer, only that they could. One of them is a particularly nasty one with a higher rate of turning cancerous (likely with a poor outcome). Therefore, I’m extremely grateful that they were spotted and […]

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A list of available stores to purchase a book are on the “Written Works” page under the heading for that title. Thank you!