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Although I’ve suffered losses recently, life doesn’t really allow you to take a break. You move on. Even when it hurts. But in this case, it’s a book signing. The last one was fun and, despite my stress level, I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to meeting some potential readers, and I hope you’ll join…


After the funeral, I got a text that Sophie’s ashes were back at the vet. So, my baby girl is home again.


Tomorrow morning, I’m going to the funeral of another family member lost this year. So far, it’s been one tragedy after another, one crisis after crisis. I don’t want to post about it too much, but times are definitely challenging. I’m not sure when I’ll get Sophie’s ashes back, but I’ll at least post a…




A list of available stores to purchase a book are on the “Written Works” page under the heading for that title. Thank you!

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