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New diagnosis?

I’ve been curious for quite some time how a family member could have been diagnosed with high-functioning autism without any other known cases in the family. However, it’s recently been called to my attention that there have been signs in other family members for some time. I just never realized it. Finally, it occurred to…

Back to my schedule

Although I’ve suffered losses recently, life doesn’t really allow you to take a break. You move on. Even when it hurts. But in this case, it’s a book signing. The last one was fun and, despite my stress level, I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to meeting some potential readers, and I hope you’ll join…


After the funeral, I got a text that Sophie’s ashes were back at the vet. So, my baby girl is home again.




A list of available stores to purchase a book are on the “Written Works” page under the heading for that title. Thank you!

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