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Family issues

I haven’t wanted to write about the things that are stressing me the most recently, as they involve family members. Out of respect for their privacy, I haven’t specified anything, but please understand that, although the issues don’t involve me personally, I am very close with my family. These things affect me more than you…


I hate to ask, but if you’ve read Descent of the Vile and liked it, please leave a good review at your point of purchase and/or Goodreads. I only have 2 reviews currently. Thank you so much, everyone!!

Toxic meds

I apologize again for not posting more regularly. My doctor prescribed a routine medication for me, but when I took it, I became very ill. It’s been several days now, and I’m finally on the mend. Perhaps it was a toxic reaction to the drug, or maybe it was just too strong. But I will…




A list of available stores to purchase a book are on the “Written Works” page under the heading for that title. Thank you!

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