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Release date!!

According to my publisher, Descent of the Vile is currently slated for release on December 20, 2022! Pick up a copy for the sci-fi lovers in your life in time for the holidays! If I get a Booksprout link, I will post it. Booksprout allows you to get a free ebook in exchange for a […]

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Round 2

The next round of editing is complete. I reviewed the suggestions and only made 2 changes. My publisher asked for my preferences on a release date, and I gave her 2 dates in December. She said it should be fine, but I don’t know which date just yet. I’ll let you know, but you should […]

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Neil Maurer

I was writing the acknowledgments to my novel, and I couldn’t have written the amount of detail I wanted for the story without the view camera class I took in college taught by Neil Maurer. Mr. Maurer was a kind person who held a genuine enthusiasm for photography that was infectious. He had a way […]

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A list of available stores to purchase a book are on the “Written Works” page under the heading for that title. Thank you!