Weather in Texas

So, naturally, my bio says I live in Texas. I have to talk about Texas. Right now, the situation isn’t good, but I’m sure some have seen the news and I can only say that power has been intermittent in my neighborhood, sometimes on, mostly off. We’re under a boil water notice at present. I’ve never had to do that in all of my 49 years of living here, I have to say. Initially, the snow was fun. My dog loved it. She wanted to play in it, although it was in single digits outside. We didn’t stay out long, but I took her out a couple of times to play. Then, the power went out. As usual, I waited for it to come on. However, it didn’t come back on. At least not for several hours, and then it was only on for a few minutes.

Honestly, I was dealing with being cold. I’m not dealing well with being hungry and thirsty. Even the first night, I had nightmares and night terrors all night. It’s been constant since then. I thought I was the only one, but I’ve heard others tell me the same thing. Sitting in pitch blackness with no power or any way to entertain myself, I just fall asleep. Sirens are going in the street outside and it feels like the end of the world. Outside my apartment door a couple of hours ago, I heard someone shuffling and I was sure he or she would try to break in. This is terrifying.

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight, as I just can’t face the nightmares. I’ll be expected to go to work if the power is on in our building, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t know how to boil water if the power is out, and the store shelves are empty. They can’t restock because of ice on the roads.

South Texas rarely sees ice. Therefore, I was told years ago that we don’t have the equipment to de-ice the roads or snowplows or any such things here. The nearest equipment is in Dallas, and it would take three days to get it here. That’s what I was told. I don’t know if that’s still true, but a lot of the highways or overpasses are still closed due to ice, and the weather isn’t expected to warm up for two more days. Also, our houses and other structures are built to withstand extreme heat, as that is the normal weather here. Those making fun of us for not having basements, or other such things don’t realize that we can’t do those things. Most of us rely on electricity for heat and food preparation as well as everything else. We can’t use the stove or anything when the power is out. We are starving and cold and people are dying here because we lack experience with weather like this. Some of us may never see this again in our lifetimes. Snow and ice are so infrequent, it’s like you deal with it for a day at most and then don’t see it again for several years.

So, anyway, I’m going to try again to sleep. Hopefully, it won’t be as terrifying. At present, I think I’ll turn the more vivid dreams I had into a novel or novella. I don’t write horror, so it will probably be a science-fiction story. Wait and see.

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