Going back to normal

Slowly, we’re getting more access to food, water, and electricity, but my apartment complex has low hot water pressure, making it difficult to take a shower or anything that requires the water to be hot coming out of the faucet (oh, darn. I guess that puts off the dishes again). It’s not an emergency. Other people have no water at all, so we’re on a waiting list.

Other than that, I suppose that, for me, things are improving after the storm. It’s not that it’s completely normal. I know I’ll be furious when my electric bill comes due later. If I had known more about what was being done (or not done, in this case), I would have been much angrier sooner. But I will admit that I didn’t vote for those people or their stupid agenda. I never would have put money over people’s lives.

No news on the novella. I will, obviously, update the website when I have a release date. I’m extremely excited about it, and trying not to be too impatient. But you’ll know when I know. Trust me on that. I hope my fellow Texans are recovering and doing well, and I hope the rest of you are doing well, too. More to follow.

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