Vaccine #2

Got my second dose of the vaccine almost two weeks ago. However, I also had a bad sinus infection at the same time, so I was feeling pretty ragged. I had bad swelling, a headache, dizziness, etc. that have still not gone away. I had four doctor appointments and went on two rounds of antibiotics, which didn’t help a lot. The second antibiotic gave me bad side effects, and I have an appointment with a specialist on Thursday. Hopefully, I will be back to normal soon.

As for the vaccine itself, I only had some swelling and pain in my arm, but that’s mild for me. As a child, I always got a fever and felt extremely ill for a couple of days after every vaccine. I suppose I just have a weak immune system which makes it difficult to fight off infections, so I always get very ill and it takes me a while to get over every illness. It’s frustrating and unpleasant, but that’s just what I have to deal with. My arm was swollen pretty badly, but cold compresses offered some relief, and I was better the next day. I’m definitely looking forward to some family gatherings in the near future, as everyone has had both of their vaccines.

In other news, I lost my day job. I’m pretty upset, as I feel I was treated unfairly, but hopefully I will find a better opportunity somewhere else. I can only hope so. No news yet on the novella, but I will obviously post as soon as I hear anything.

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