So, yesterday was my 50th birthday. As I was preparing to go to work, I checked my e-mail, and in it was a message from the editor with the first round of revisions to my novella. It was exactly what I had been hoping for, and I reviewed the revisions this morning and sent in my changes. Luckily, this first round of editing involved mostly formatting changes (the version of Word I am using must not translate across to the version used by the editor). With one paragraph being worded slightly redundantly, I made some changes to that to make it read a little better, then sent in my comments and revisions. Hopefully there won’t be much that needs to be done in further revisions, should there be any more necessary, but usually there are at least two rounds and possibly more.

I’ll definitely post more on here when I get more news, but this is one step closer to my novella being sold. I’m excited for it to be published, and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to read it. I hope you are as entertained by it as I was writing it.

Also, I’m still working on revisions for the novel, which I’ve held off on querying for the time being. I’ll start up again once I’ve completed the newest revisions. I want it to be good. It’s a tribute to my sister, so I don’t want subpar work representing my respect and admiration for her. Miss you, sis, today and every day.

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