Unemployed. Again.

Now would be a great time for someone to pick up my science fiction novel.

I’m feeling sad because I liked this employer and the job. I’m feeling frustrated because the main problem was a health issue that was out of my control. Obviously, my first concern is making sure my neck/arm heal properly. But that’s difficult to do without health insurance or income.

I just saw my chiropractor, and had an adjustment done that lessened the pressure on the nerve that was causing the shoulder and arm pain, as well as the numbness and tingling in my arm and hand. I feel confident that my doctors can treat me now that we have the MRI results to guide us. But it’s frustrating that I’m not wealthy by any means. I can’t afford physical therapy, even if I had insurance. Everything is being done at home, on my own. I’m not qualified to do this.

Yesterday, I somehow gave myself severe vertigo that lasted through to today. It’s lessened some, but I know it could have been avoided with proper supervision. Hopefully, I’m going to improve, though. It’s just taking a lot longer than I wanted.

I had intended to work toward getting some promotion work done this week, but perhaps next week will do. Again, if you’ve read the novella, please consider leaving a spoiler-free review. Thank you!

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