Pain is subsiding

Physical therapy is important, but getting proper care without insurance or a job is difficult here. Even with insurance, I doubt I could afford it anyway. My doctor recommended looking up videos on the internet and gave me a couple of resources to do exercises on my own. However, I injured myself the first time out, not realizing I’d broken form. It’s not like I have a mirror wall like in actual physical therapy. Even icing my shoulder brought little relief.

Warily, I finally returned to my chiropractor after weeks of cancelations. I was told that I should be very careful with my neck from now on, but my chiropractor said that I needed an adjustment to my neck to keep me from needing surgery. I couldn’t help being nervous. The idea of surgery is terrifying to me, however. I have a natural immunity to painkillers and local anesthetics, so I know the pain afterward would be excruciating without any pain relief whatsoever.

While I opted out of a full adjustment to my neck, my chiropractor did take some of the pressure off the pinched nerve in my neck, and I feel so much better that I can hardly believe it. I feel like I have more time. Aging has been hard for me. Everything has happened early so far, at least ten years earlier than for someone else. But I’m grateful for every moment, despite any discomfort. It’s time my sister never got to have.

I wish I could share everything with her that’s happened so far. I know she’d have some advice (not always the best advice!), but I miss it. I miss hearing from her. I just hope she had a happy life. Live life to the fullest. You never know how much time you have. Don’t waste it.

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