List of stores

Just a reminder that the list of stores has been added to the “Written Works” page. There are lots of places to buy the novella, including some independent booksellers. Check out IndieBound for a list of stores in your area. Some of them are selling the paperback version, should that be something you’d prefer to an ebook. Also, you can get discounted ebooks through my publisher’s website (link posted previously).

I posted the first video on my YouTube channel earlier today. I’ll admit that it’s a little rough around the edges. Hopefully future additions will be a little more polished, although I don’t have proper editing equipment, etc. I’ll try to post more videos every Sunday for now, with the possibility of increasing to twice weekly if there is a good response. You can post questions here (just comment on a post), comment on YouTube with a question, or even post on Goodreads. I’ll try to get to a couple of questions per episode.

Lastly, another appeal to please leave a review at your point of purchase for the novella, if you liked it, and consider leaving one on Goodreads. While you’re there, sign up for their newsletter as it always has news on upcoming new book releases.

That’s it for now! Be safe, everyone!

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