Red Shift

I had always intended for Red Shift to be my first full-length novel, with the sequels to come shortly after. However, I’ve discovered that it is, indeed, very long, even for the genre. As it was originally a trilogy with 5 Parts to each, I will probably just take 3 Parts and extend it to 5 novels (3 Parts each) instead of 3 novels with 5 Parts. Hopefully, this will make it more accessible as it would have been probably over 1,100 pages long if I’d left it in its current form. Oops!

So, it seems that there is more revising to do, although this is one of my favorite projects. As it is so deeply personal, I am glad that is the case. I want the series to be a fitting tribute to my sister, who helped come up with the story. It is written in her honor, with a dedication to be at the beginning of each book.

The latest novel, The City That Disappeared, is the one I’ve begun querying in the meantime. I hope it will find a home soon so that you may read it. It is not as long as Red Shift. In fact, it’s only about 50,000 words. But I hope you will like it. I’ll post news as soon as I have any, but the publishing process can take quite some time (I know. I’m impatient, too.).

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