Five Star Editorial Review from Literary Titan!

Thank you to Literary Titan for giving my novella, The House of Wynne Lift, an amazing five star review! I’m stunned and at a loss for words.

The House of Wynne Lift is a riveting thriller that explores what isolation and paranoia can do to people. The story follows professor Foster Livingston and reporter Peter Wylie. Both characters are intriguing and have surprising depth that is plumbed in very few pages. We find out that both men are on a mission to find the wealthy recluse, Wynne Lift. The first mystery is easily intriguing; why would someone with so much money decide to leave it all behind? What starts as a mission for a simple interview soon transforms into something disturbing. Once they find Lift, he seems to be quite accommodating to both men and allows them to rest after their journey. However, Wylie and Livingston soon become paranoid and the questions come fast as we begin our spiraling descent into the darkness. Why is the door locked? Is it to prevent them from leaving or a safety measure? Is it actually the house that is sparking their paranoia or is there something truly off with Lift?

Cheryl Pena does an impeccable job at creating a suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere within a short novella. The writing is descriptive yet concise, providing just enough to spark the imagination. This is a very engaging story, as I was constantly questioning if they will ever go home or if they really are doomed.

The House of Wynne Lift is a compelling psychological thriller that knows how to twist things just enough to subtly turn the odd into the bizarre and the peculiar into something sinister. With an eeriness that permeates the entire story, this is a perfect dark fantasy novella to read late at night. Fans of Robert Louis Stevenson’s infamous “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” will enjoy this frighteningly entertaining novella.” – Literary Titan

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