New glasses at last!

I got my new glasses on 11/4, but no matter how long I wore them, I could not see in the middle distance. I couldn’t even read one line of 12 point text on my laptop, which made it nearly impossible to write. After nearly 2 weeks I went back to my old glasses just so that I could see.

Friday, I took them back to the optometrist and asked them to please remake them. The woman there didn’t seem to understand the problem, even though I’d called in advance. I don’t think she was the one I’d spoken to, but it was frustrating. I just wanted to be able to see. Not a lot to ask, if you’re me.

Anyway, I got a call today that they were ready, so I drove over there yet again. What was normally only a 30-40 minute drive took over an hour in traffic. I was so frustrated by the time I arrived, as I only had to pick them up. It only took a moment, then I had to drive back. It was an ordeal, as I’ve been getting headaches lately (not migraines, thankfully—those went away with my daith piercing). At least I have them now.

Anyway, the frames are similar to the ones I had before, but I’m happy so far. Hopefully, they’re right and it won’t take long to adjust. Excuse the lack of makeup. It was supposed to be a writing day.

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