Not feeling well

It’s no secret I’ve been sick again. This time, it must be viral though, and not related to the medication debacle from a while back. I’m doing better very, very slowly. But I don’t know if it’s Covid-19 as I couldn’t get tested. Hopefully, things will return to normal soon as I still have to make sure my baby gets back to the vet for a follow up.

I’m still looking forward to my next book signing at The Twig and hope to see you there. Details are on the Upcoming Appearances page of this site and on the calendar for The Twig.

In other news, I saw a raven yesterday. They’re not usually in this area, so it was a surprise. Sadly, I didn’t have my phone so I didn’t get a pic. It was a very impressive-looking bird though. Gorgeous and very large, much bigger than the great-tailed grackles we get around here. Definitely not a grackle.

In the meantime, please stay safe and vigilant, everyone. Take care.

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