Hello, everyone. I wanted to start off by apologizing for the lack of posts recently. I’ve tried to mention if anything important is happening, but right now, I’m dealing with health issues and there isn’t much to report. I’m waiting for the cover, and although I sent a draft of a design to my publisher, I haven’t received a design back from them. They are extremely busy, of course, so this is not unusual. But as soon as I have a final design, I will post it here.

I also wanted to note that I am attempting to get into better shape in the hopes that this will aid my recovery. So, I’ve been trying to go walking, at least occasionally. I do still write in the evenings, as always. And I love to spend time reading, as well. I have some photos of a few white-tailed deer that I encountered on my last hike. They were especially active and ran around the park freely. I didn’t want to get trampled, so I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, however.

As soon as I have news, though, I will post it. I just haven’t had much to report. I’ll try to post about other subjects in the coming days as I don’t want to not post at all, like I’ve been doing. Until then, below, enjoy pictures of white-tailed deer. I’ll post again soon.

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