New doctor

Although I am very happy with my previous doctor, insurance has changed, and I had to go to see a new one (and basically start over on my treatment–again). But I liked the doctor just fine. She ordered the tests that my other doctor had already ordered (but I couldn’t pay for out-of-pocket), so I will hopefully get some answers. I have to have a colonoscopy and a barium swallow test of my esophagus among other things. I’m a bit nervous about the colonoscopy although I know it is perfectly routine. It’s just that I have a fear of anesthesia and I know people do die from it (I know some first-hand). It’s frightening to think I have to do this, but I hope everything will go normally. If I want answers, I had better go through with all of it.

Also, Friday will be another trip to the Food Bank. I can’t express how grateful I am that it exists. Although I have health issues still, one of the good things to come of going to the Food Bank is that I have had to cook more often instead of eating pre-packaged food. Therefore, my cholesterol went back to normal without medication. My kidney/liver function is still abnormal, but I need the results of more tests to pin down the cause. But I’ll take what good news I can get.

Stay safe, peeps. ❤

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