Still waiting

Finally got my blood test results, but I’m still waiting on the barium swallow test, colonoscopy, and endoscopy. Unfortunately, the blood tests showed that I am prediabetic, so I will have to do an even better job than already managing my diet. It’s not like I eat bad anyway. Most of my weight gain (if not all) is due to reduced metabolism from medication and not diet at all. Really frustrating that I need the medications but they cause health problems on their own.

The barium test is scheduled for tomorrow and the colonoscopy in early May. Hopefully I will start to have some answers soon. I’m just tired of feeling bad and tired of waiting.

In better news, Sophie has improved and her allergy symptoms are no longer as severe. She should be ok with just Benadryl for now.

I apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been feeling extremely fatigued and can barely get out of bed. Luckily I’ve managed a few words a day with the writing, so you won’t have to wait a horribly long time for another book. I can’t give details just yet, but you will hopefully see Descent of the Vile before the end of this year. I’ll keep you updated!

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