Barium Swallow Results

Good news with the barium swallow test. The doctor did not observe any obstruction. I still have to do the endoscopy for further diagnostic purposes, but I am relieved at this much, at least. I do have mild esophageal dysmotility, which could be caused by GERD, but we’ll see what the other tests show. Luckily, there are treatment options, because it is annoying and uncomfortable, but I will discuss those in June when I go back to see my doctor. In the meantime, the colonoscopy is next. I had been hoping to get the endoscopy at the same time so that I wouldn’t have to be put under anesthesia again, but it’s unlikely that will happen.

I have a fear of anesthesia, and part of this is because I know people who have died from it, and I also fear it will be ineffective. Local anesthetics and painkillers don’t work on me at all due to a genetic defect. So, I worry that this defect will cause my body to metabolize the anesthesia too quickly (as it does on the others) and I will still be awake for the procedure. Luckily, general anesthesia works differently, so this is unlikely, but I still fear the possibility of dying from it.

Besides the health issues, I am waiting for Descent of the Vile to go into editing. I still have a few months, I am sure, as it is in queue. But I have until June 15th to provide the final draft of the manuscript. Although I have already provided that to World Castle, I doubt they will want to edit the manuscript I sent in case I make further revisions, as they are contractually obligated to give me until June 15th to do so. So, things are moving along at the normal pace. I am impatient for you to have the book to read, of course, but I hope you will think it is worth the wait. I’m still waiting on a draft of the cover, as well. I sent my own draft to the publisher, but I am hoping they can improve upon it. As soon as the final version is approved, I will post it. Yes, I’m anxious for that, as well. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Until next time. Be safe everyone.

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