Indies Today Review

Received this four star review for The House of Wynne Lift from Indies Today. Enjoy!

Why would a man of considerable wealth choose a life of reclusion, completely cut off from the outside world? For some 20 years, the mysterious Wynne Lift has taken up residence in a cave known as The Castle Tower. How did he build a home in such a remote location? What kind of mental state results from decades of isolation? Has he gone completely mad? Or does he simply value privacy above all else? These are the questions that Professor Foster Livingston and reporter Peter Wylie intend to answer. After an arduous trek, the two curious men arrive on the inhospitable doorstep of Wynne Lift. Armed with little more than wild theories and baseless speculations about the enigmatic homeowner, the curious professor and the inquisitive reporter knock on the front door. What they find inside the house of Wynne Lift shifts from pleasantly surprising to something dark and sinister.

Wound tight with suspense, The House of Wynne Lift is a Hitchcock-esque tale that packs quite a punch in a short timeframe. While the plot is riveting, the mismatched characters add a chilling psychological component that drives the story. Quirky companions from the start, the reporter and the professor seem to have little in common beyond a mutual dislike for one another, adding friction to the story before the real threat is ever revealed. Without a doubt, however, the highlight of the story is the perplexing Mr. Wynne Lift. A bizarre fellow from the moment we meet him, Lift proves to be both gracious and demanding, accommodating and menacing. The tension and fear climax into a fever pitch as his true temperament and a few skeletons in his closet are revealed, adding a frenzy of last-minute action and drama. A revitalized twist on a familiar theme, The House of Wynne Lift is impossible not to devour in a single terrifying sitting.

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