Starting tomorrow, I will be on a low-fiber diet and taking medications to prepare for my colonoscopy. Although it is definitely a routine procedure, I’ve written about my fear of anesthesia before. However, I know I need to have the test done as it’s extremely important to have the cancer screening. My symptoms are not likely due to cancer, but if I catch it early I am better off.

I bought my groceries yesterday, including broth, juice, jello, and tea for the day before the procedure as I won’t be allowed solid food that day. I also have to be fasting the day of, so hopefully there’s a Whataburger waiting for me as soon as I’m done. Well, I can dream.

Anyway, I know some of you may not have done this before either. I know people who have had several of them done and they’re fine, so I’m trying not to think about it too much. I know the next week will likely be relatively unpleasant, but it’s necessary. So I won’t be doing much as my stomach problems will increase temporarily due to the medications. I’ll just have to spend the day near the bathroom, I suppose!

So, whatever happens, I know I will likely gain some insights into what is bothering me. Hopefully, we’ll be a step closer to diagnosis. Wish me luck!

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