I meant to post an update after my procedure yesterday, but it turns out that general anesthesia took it out of me. I slept all day and most of the day today. I put pads down for Sophie and made sure she had food and water. She’s fine but a bit bored. I, on the other hand, just feel generally wiped out, which is not much different than before actually.

My stomach is fine, thankfully. There was some narrowing in one place that they expanded with a balloon, and there was a spot of redness in the duodenum, which they biopsied. I’m waiting for the results.

My colonoscopy was moved to Monday so I’ll be doing that a day earlier than expected. So I probably won’t be posting for a couple of days. Due to my resistance to pain medication, they have to put me under general anesthesia instead of conscious sedation. It takes a bit longer to recover from that apparently (at least for me). I’ll try to update soon. While this is going on, I haven’t been doing much writing, but it won’t effect the release of Descent of the Vile. Thanks for your patience.

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