Colonoscopy is done!

Yesterday was the colonoscopy, and the hospital staff couldn’t have been nicer. They remembered me from my endoscopy and made me feel welcome and safe. They explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions. They never made me feel like I was asking too many either.

The results will be made available in a few days, but they found 4 polyps. This is somewhat normal for my age, but they can turn into cancer, so it’s important to have the screening. They removed the polyps and will biopsy them to see if they were cancerous or not to determine if anything else is needed and when I need to go back.

Today, I am back on my normal diet as yesterday my stomach felt a little upset and I didn’t feel like eating much. However, I am now having my first coffee in 5 days and I’m overjoyed. Hopefully this means I can go back to writing. I won’t talk about my current project just yet, but hopefully I can give you some hints soon.

Just remember that Descent of the Vile will hopefully be released before the end of the year. I’ll keep you updated when I have news. Just for now, we’re waiting for the book to go into editing. It will probably be at least June or maybe later before that happens. So nothing is taking any longer than it should.

Lastly, take joy in the little things. Life is made up of moments. They’re not all “big moments”, but usually “little moments”. Those are the important ones that often get overlooked. Don’t forget them. They’re the ones our lives are made of and that make it worth living. Find peace in your everyday moments and your life will be much happier. You never know how much time you have, so don’t forget to smell the flowers, pet the dog, and taste the coffee.

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