I haven’t posted anything in a few days. I know. I apologize. But the reason is that I’ve been writing like mad, and I’m super excited about the new project. I don’t yet know what will come of it, but for now I will just see where it takes me.

There is another project that I am also currently revising, and I’ll tell you more after I’ve submitted it to my publisher and gotten an answer. For now, just know that I’m busy and it is writing related!

The deadline to submit the final manuscript for Descent of the Vile is coming up next month. That means it will go into editing at some point after that. I’m in the queue, but as they have to give me until after that date, it won’t be any sooner than that. I’ll let you know as soon as I have a release date.

I hope everyone is well. I will not comment on Uvalde. I want to say something but there’s just too much to say and I am far too upset. My heart aches for those lost. It was so senseless and tragic that I can’t gather my thoughts together. I’m sorry. I would prefer to write a decent tribute. Be safe everyone.

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