Nothing is going right

I’ve had a particularly bad week last week. This week isn’t going much better. And now, my thermostat says it’s 80F in here when I have it set on 77F. Of course, that means it runs constantly. Even worse, maintenance came out and said they would return the next day. However, they did not. I was gone today and I called the management office to see what was going on. I was told I need new air ducts (?!). So now I have to wait until they can find someone to come out and replace the freaking air ducts. It could be a while. Meanwhile, it’s been over 100F every day and miserable.

Hopefully I will have some good news soon, but I received more bad news today so it probably won’t be today. <sigh>

Maybe they’ll get me a window unit temporarily so I can write. Been getting headaches due to the heat. Yes, I’m a native Texan. Yes, I’m also a wuss. Ugh.

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