So now, whoever told me that my apartment needed new air ducts just made something up. The ducts are fine and were recently replaced. Someone requested the contractor though, and it wasn’t me. All I know is that my A/C isn’t cooling my apartment and it used to. Even last year when it inevitably got to be over 100F, the A/C did it’s job and kept my apartment at the 77F where the thermostat was set. So what did maintenance tell me? Turn it down to 75F. That’s ridiculous because it won’t cool the apartment below 77F (or even 78 or 80, depending on the time of day). It doesn’t matter if I set it at 50F. That won’t happen. It doesn’t spew out cooler air when you turn the thermostat down to cool it down in here. It only cycles longer. But it isn’t cooling and I’m furious that someone lied to me and that they won’t do anything about my A/C. The maintenance guy obviously has no clue how A/Cs actually work. I’ve lived here for years and it’s never done this. Yes, we’re having a heat wave. But we had one before and it still cooled in here. I’m so angry and I would move out if I could. So disappointed right now.

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