Well. It’s happened. I’ve been priced out of the apartments I’ve lived in for the past several years. Unfortunately, our city cost of living is also on the rise, and I don’t know what I can afford that is still in my price range. I’ve looked into options, and I may need a roommate. Luckily, my neighbor is also looking to move, so we’re going to see if we can afford a 2 bedroom together. If not, I don’t know. There aren’t many other options.

I’ve been stressed about this and can’t sleep. I’ve almost always had insomnia. But lately I’ve had trouble staying awake due to health concerns. But now my insomnia is back. I’m not happy about it. I just feel irritated and unsettled. I can’t relax. Hopefully, I’ll find something soon, as that will help my anxiety. I do have until the end of September to move out but that isn’t a lot of time.

So I haven’t been writing the past few days. Things have been too stressful. But I do have Descent of the Vile hopefully going into editing soon. I also submitted two new manuscripts to my publisher, but I haven’t yet heard whether they’ve been accepted. If my publisher signs them, I’ll post something letting you know the books are under contract. It shouldn’t be too long, but that’s relative.

I’ve been knitting today, which sometimes calms me. Today I don’t feel very calm but I’m at least making some progress.

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