I was denied for the apartment I applied for because of my “rental history”, and I assumed it had to be identity theft because my rental history is fine. But then the apartments sent me the report they based this decision off of. It listed my “current address” as my previous address and said I had a debt out for collections. This is incorrect. So I ordered a copy of my credit report from the same agency, thinking I would use that to determine what documents I needed to send to them to correct the report. However, when I downloaded the new report from the same credit reporting agency, the information was different and listed my current address with nothing out for collections. Honestly I have no clue what this means. Will I be approved or denied if I apply for another apartment? Will they get the correct information or the wrong one? I’m so frustrated from dealing with this, and I just want to know where I’m going to be living so I can start planning already.

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