Twitter rudeness

I just had my first block on Twitter because some guy thought he could mansplain something to me. That is one thing I do not tolerate. My ex did it to me, and it showed a real lack of respect. I, also, suspect a great deal of ego is involved in doing it, so I blocked the Twitter guy. Having a decent conversation is fine, even if you disagree. But, once you decide to talk down to me, we’re done. I tolerated far to much of it with my ex, and I don’t plan on doing it any longer or ever again. In fact, I didn’t even cry when I broke up with my ex, and I haven’t since, either. I cried enough while with him, but shed not a tear to leave him.

I am smart enough to know I’m not an expert in all subjects, but I also know I’m not stupid, either. If you have the courtesy to have a civil discussion and can explain your reasons without being condescending, I will listen. However, when you don’t know me, and you still talk down to me without understanding that I might have expertise that you didn’t know about, I don’t appreciate it. Life is too short to worry about being bullied online. I don’t like bullies.

So, keep it friendly, people. Be kind. Listen.

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