I keep seeing posts online and hearing people talking about the bad things Ukraine has done, saying it’s a totalitarian regime. Keep in mind that Russia is a totalitarian regime as well. They are not benevolent minders. Whatever Ukraine is doing, it is up to the people there to decide their own fate. Nothing Ukraine has done justifies the war crimes committed by Russia when they bomb hospitals and shopping malls full of civilians.

Russia attacked Ukraine. Ukraine did not provoke them. But do not assume they would be better off under the Russian umbrella. Even many Russians opposed the invasion. It was obviously wrong. Of course, the Russian people aren’t responsible for what their leaders do, so I don’t hate Russians. But I also remember the days of the Cold War and I don’t want to return to it. That means that I don’t want the Soviet Union to return in any form, and as a world power, the United States has a duty to protect those less fortunate.

Anyway, giving aid to Ukraine does not mean we can’t take care of our own. Fixing the broken tax code will help, but we also have to fight totalitarianism at home. Please don’t let it happen again. Extremists are trying to turn us on each other, to get you to blame minorities and anyone who you don’t like for your troubles. This happened in Nazi Germany and I see it happening here. Don’t give in to the hate. Take care of each other and don’t use violence to solve your problems. It causes more problems instead. We can’t allow our country to become a lawless wasteland. It’s too tragic.

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