So, I’m in the new place as of yesterday. I still have a few items (not many) at the old place that the movers couldn’t take, but we’ll get those tomorrow. I wanted to take a break today to get settled and to unpack a few things. I found some of it, but there’s lots to do. However, I am at my dad’s, so there are things I don’t need to unpack until I get back on my feet. Hopefully, it won’t be too long, but I’m grateful not to be homeless and have nowhere to go.

Sophie is doing okay, although she’s a bit puzzled as to what we’re doing. She’s never lived with anyone but me, and it will be an adjustment. She was just a puppy when I moved into my apartment and home of the last 7 years, so it’s really weird for her. I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s a happy girl normally, and she’ll adjust quickly. I’m really more worried about the cancer, but she seems to be tolerating the medication just fine. There’s no way to know how well it will slow the cancer’s progress, however. It’s not like they can do lung transplants for dogs, and if they did, we probably couldn’t afford it. I wish I could do more for my baby, but the vet referred me to a cancer specialist.

Right now, I just have to hope that things will get better for both of us. At least I had some good news with the two newest manuscripts, that they will someday see the light of day. I hope to have news soon regarding Descent of the Vile, but I was assured that it wouldn’t be too much longer. Take care, everyone.

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