Internet nonsense

The service at the house was originally set up when the cable was installed decades ago. But every time the service changed in any way, the technicians were just splitting the signal, even if it cut the bandwidth. It looked like a rat’s nest. Even worse, the last time technicians were here, there were 5 of them, including a supervisor, and none of them knew what to do. So they cut the wires, leaving the splitters still there.

Obviously, our internet service has been unbearably slow. My dad was paying the same as I was (I had 1,000 MB) and he only had 300 MB. He called to see what could be done, and they gave him 500 MB but reduced his rate. It’s a promotional rate for 1 year, but it won’t go up to the previous rate at the end of the promotion. It will still be less. Then, they sent a new technician to look at the wiring.

This technician seemed to understand all my dad’s concerns. He rewired everything with only one wire coming into the house and switched out our router, which was old. Our service is so much faster now. I wish I’d asked the young man’s name, because he’s a credit to the profession and renewed my faith in the service.

Hopefully I’ll be working on more books soon, but for now I’m working on revisions for the latest two manuscripts. I have until December to get the final versions to my publisher, and although that sounds like a lot of time, I’ll probably review them several times before then. I do miss writing, and I have several projects in various stages of completion. I can’t wait to finish them and have them out in the world.

If you haven’t yet read The House of Wynne Lift, please give it a try. It’s short, only a novella, so it can be read in a night, if that’s what you like. The tone is a bit dark and creepy, so perfect for October and leading up to Halloween. Until next time, be safe!!

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