Finally made a trip to the bookstore. It’s been a while. I usually can’t afford to buy them, so I get them from the library. But last Wednesday, I found these that aren’t currently at my local branch. Was very happy as I’d read the other AM books that were at the library and didn’t know there had been any others. They were fun reads. Was glad to pick those up. Also, I’d heard good things about GP’s book, and I can’t wait to read it either.

Currently, I don’t have any updates on my own books. The editor has not returned, and the publisher is doing their best to work through the manuscript backlog. I don’t know if my books will be out in time to make the deadlines I had for events, so that makes me a little sad. But it can’t be helped, and I hope the editor makes a complete recovery. As soon as I know more, I will post here or on my social media.

Sophie is doing relatively well. She’s having a few coughing fits, but not every day. As the weather cooled today, she seems happy. Her grooming appointment is Monday so she’ll be a little cooler after that, at least.

I had back spasms on Thursday, so there is still some pain that’s lingered on. I hope I’ll be better by Monday to take Sophie. I also wanted to get some writing done, as I haven’t been able to sit at my laptop in days now. I’m icing my back and trying to work in some light stretches to loosen the muscles, but they really hurt. Fingers crossed. It’s better than on Thursday, so that’s something anyway.

Take care everyone!

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