I managed to complete my revisions for the two manuscripts I was working on. I turned them in to my publisher, and got a confirmation that they were received. Hooray!

As I was completing the second set of revisions however, I got book mail! A surprise Christmas gift from author Hermione Lee!

Book, Where the Magic Lies by Hermione Lee

This book is an award-winning novel, so I can’t wait to start reading it. I’m in the middle of reading two others, so it will have to wait a short while. But I’m looking forward to it for sure. Thank you, Hermione!

Also, I have to say that some of the stress I have been under has lifted somewhat (in some ways, but not in others). So, I’ll have to see what happens next week. Hopefully, things will start to improve so I can get more writing done. My newest novel is about a third of the way completed, but there will be revisions when the first draft is done. Not sure what I want to do with the book either, but there is no shortage of material for me to go through. I have other novels that need revisions, so perhaps I will go back to those for a while when this draft is done.

Take care, peeps! Until next time…

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