9 years

9 years ago at 7:30 am California time, my life was changed forever. My twin sister stopped breathing, 14 hours after we made the very difficult decision to turn off life support. Her condition had been deteriorating steadily, and even though she’d made her wishes known prior to the brain aneurysm, we didn’t want to let her go.

My sister was a loving mother to 2 sons, a loving wife, and friend to many. She suffered from depression and often thought she would never be missed. She was very wrong. We all miss her every day. She had 2 parents and 2 sisters who loved her. At this point, I’m still learning who I am without her. I feel like a part of me is missing. I thought she and I would grow old, rescuing poodles and living on a farm somewhere. I never thought this would happen.

She was a talented artist. She loved dogs. She loved going to concerts. She loved reading. She worried about all of us so much and only wanted us to be happy. She gave horrible advice, but she made it sound reasonable so that you’d get in trouble when you took it. She loved sushi. She missed Texas. She loved traveling, especially the beach.

I can’t accurately express the pain, the hurt…the gaping hole left in me when she passed will never heal. Maybe I can talk about her now. I could barely do it in the first year. I cried and cried. I still tear up thinking about how much I wish I could just call her. I still dream about her every night, having adventures. If only they were real.

Miss you, sis. 💔

Robin at House of Blues Dallas August 2010

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