Not good news

Sophie’s cancer has spread. It’s crushing her internal organs and possibly her esophagus. However, she still wants to eat, but we’ve got her still on the bland diet to calm her GI issues.

She’s also been on antibiotics and probiotics for the last 4 days. There has been virtually no change in her condition. Trying to add more fiber into the prescribed diet, but Sophie is resistant. She hates it. She only wants the chicken. Nothing else.

In another couple of days, the vet will call to reassess. At that point, we might have to accept that it’s likely the cancer impeding the blood flow to her other organs. I’m so hurt and scared. I don’t want her organs to shut down, don’t want to lose my baby.

For anyone following, I’ll keep you updated, even as it’s painful to write about. Good wishes are appreciated and welcomed. Thank you.

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