Some improvement

Sophie showed some improvement in the days following my last post. She’s a very happy girl, and she still really loves life. Be assured that, if things were different, I would not keep her with me. If she was truly suffering, I would make the sacrifice, as much as it would hurt me.

Keep in mind that Sophie has a regular vet and has regular appointments. I’m in frequent contact with them in between those appointments, and I will take their advice. At present, they have not discussed alternatives with me because Sophie is still relatively ok. Yes, she is terminally ill. But I am not going to prematurely cut her already too-short life even shorter.

I see her every day. Her vet sees her very frequently. Be assured that she is being looked after, and as long as she is comfortable, she will remain with me. She still seems joyful and excited about things far more often than not.

The only thing to stress is that I know it won’t be long. I know she’ll get very sick, more so than now, and I’ll have to say goodbye. My vet has told me some things to look out for, and I always call with any concerns, even small ones. She is getting the best care she could get with her condition. But Sophie will let me know when it’s time, and I’d like to listen to her and her vet, not anyone else.

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