Sophie 2015-2023

So not long enough, but I said goodbye to Sophie today. The mass in her chest was pressing on her heart and causing fluid to build up in her abdomen. As difficult as it was, I didn’t want her to suffer. Any treatment would have only bought her days, not years.

She was a very sweet girl who was loved by everyone she met. She never did anything bad, but very minor things. She was cuddly and cute and very affectionate. I can’t say how much I’ll miss her. She was a big part of my life. I can’t imagine being without her.

This is the last photo I ever took of her. I took it last night after she watched her favorite movie, The World’s End, and came over to cuddle with me. I was with her at the end. I held her in my arms one last time and kissed her and told her I loved her.

Sophie 3/12/2023

Might be a while before I post again. Please forgive me for any delays.

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