Sophie had another grooming appointment with the grooming manager. She’s so awesome and remembered Sophie from last time. Of course, she said Sophie was the sweetest girl. Proud mommy moment.

When Sophie came back, they had put a bow in her topknot, which was just adorable. I took lots of pictures, but for some reason it doesn’t look as cute as in real life. Of course, she’s always adorable, so here’s a photo of her from a couple of days ago.


I suppose it just isn’t how I was raised, but although I always try to understand other points of view, I feel like most people don’t do the same. Everyone is quick to hate someone not like them, and there is so much violence against minorities of all kinds right now. I’m so sad that people can’t just be nice to others.

It was, sadly, probably there all along. But the trend toward intolerance has been very disturbing and has seemingly become far more obvious and open. People don’t hide racism, misogyny, and bigotry, but nothing seems to be done about it. I don’t understand how this is acceptable to anyone. Even if it doesn’t impact you directly, it should still bother you. It takes little to just be a decent human being.

Many of these racists and bigots use religious beliefs to justify their hatred. This does not make it acceptable or good. Hatred is hatred. It is cruel. If your religious beliefs are directing you to commit acts of violence against others, that should be a warning sign. You need a new religion in that case.

Of course, that isn’t the only cause or origin. I won’t address all of them. That could take ages, but I would only ask that preconceptions about other groups, even if they are “good”, can be harmful. If you have to qualify your statement with “I’m not racist, but…”, then you probably need to rethink your statement. We are all human beings and deserve to be treated with respect. However, that does not give anyone permission to trample on the rights of others.

Some people, of course, think that means they get to tell everyone else what to do and how to live their lives. If any of those others decline to follow your way of life, that does not mean your own rights are being trampled. You don’t have the right to dictate what others do. And certainly don’t try to impose your religion on others.

Anyway, I’m done with haters. Just be nice to each other, okay?

Finally cleaning

Spent the morning cleaning the closet and sorting items to donate to charity. Sadly, most of my shoes had to go as my arthritis has gotten so bad I went up a show size. Many of them had never been worn. Ugh.

I have so much to do, but my health gets in the way a lot. Not far into my cleaning I got a massive headache and passed out (okay, I didn’t faint. I just took a long nap). Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.


I heard from my publisher regarding Descent of the Vile, and it might be a while longer before it goes into editing. There are unforeseen circumstances, and my move might delay my responses anyway. This means there was a deadline I had hoped to meet and it may not happen after all. I’m disappointed that you still won’t be able to read the book yet, and I hope things will work out after all. Also, the other manuscripts I’d submitted were received, but they are running behind on submissions so I don’t have any news on that front either. I wish I had better news, but I’ll let you know when things start to come together. ❤️


I was denied for the apartment I applied for because of my “rental history”, and I assumed it had to be identity theft because my rental history is fine. But then the apartments sent me the report they based this decision off of. It listed my “current address” as my previous address and said I had a debt out for collections. This is incorrect. So I ordered a copy of my credit report from the same agency, thinking I would use that to determine what documents I needed to send to them to correct the report. However, when I downloaded the new report from the same credit reporting agency, the information was different and listed my current address with nothing out for collections. Honestly I have no clue what this means. Will I be approved or denied if I apply for another apartment? Will they get the correct information or the wrong one? I’m so frustrated from dealing with this, and I just want to know where I’m going to be living so I can start planning already.


Someone may have stolen my identity. We were denied for the apartment due to my “rental history”, which is spotless. I’m so upset. This will take more time and money than I have to resolve, so I have nowhere to go. Do t yet know what I’m going to do.

Dare I hope?

Been apartment hunting for weeks. Most of them have no availability or else they’re out of my range. As it is, I’m moving in with my neighbor, so it will be a larger place (at least 2 bedrooms). We found a nice 3 bedroom today that somehow was in our range and we’re filling out the application today. Fingers are crossed!!!

Happy anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of the release of The House of Wynne Lift!


If you’ve read The House of Wynne Lift and liked it, I would appreciate it if you could leave a good review at your point of purchase or on Goodreads (bonus points for both!). I haven’t yet received any news on my upcoming novel, Descent of the Vile, but I will definitely post something when I do. I’m just as impatient as you are (probably more so). I also hope to have additional news soon, but I can’t say when as I’m still waiting for confirmation.

If you haven’t read my novella, The House of Wynne Lift, you can get it at any of the stores listed on the Written Works page (I tried to post links when I had them) or at IndieBound (check online at your favorite indie bookstore also). I know you can get it at The Twig here in San Antonio, as well. Thank you to all who have read it so far. You are amazing.

The story so far

My neighbor and I checked out one apartment complex on Monday. But the office staff were out to lunch and didn’t come back. We waited for over an hour in the hot sun. The other we checked out that day didn’t accept pets (dealbreaker) so we went home disappointed.

Today, we gave “no show” another chance with an appointment. They, again, didn’t show up. There was a notice on the door to call if you had an appointment, but the calls wouldn’t go through. Bad sign. Major red flags. So we left. The next property was amazing. It had a beautiful two-bedroom apartment that we both loved. However, they didn’t have a vacancy downstairs as my neighbor needs.

We’ve planned to go out again on Monday and we’re making another shortlist. Really frustrating to have to deal with this. My electric bill was outrageous due to my A/C not cycling off (it’s still too hot in here). I can’t wait to get out of here, actually.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. I really wish I could afford to live on my own still, but it’s too expensive for both my neighbor and myself. Hopefully, I’ll finally have some good news to report. I’m still waiting for book news. Sorry there’s nothing new on that front. I hope it won’t be too much longer. Thanks for being patient. 💖