Barium Swallow Results

Good news with the barium swallow test. The doctor did not observe any obstruction. I still have to do the endoscopy for further diagnostic purposes, but I am relieved at this much, at least. I do have mild esophageal dysmotility, which could be caused by GERD, but we’ll see what the other tests show. Luckily, there are treatment options, because it is annoying and uncomfortable, but I will discuss those in June when I go back to see my doctor. In the meantime, the colonoscopy is next. I had been hoping to get the endoscopy at the same time so that I wouldn’t have to be put under anesthesia again, but it’s unlikely that will happen.

I have a fear of anesthesia, and part of this is because I know people who have died from it, and I also fear it will be ineffective. Local anesthetics and painkillers don’t work on me at all due to a genetic defect. So, I worry that this defect will cause my body to metabolize the anesthesia too quickly (as it does on the others) and I will still be awake for the procedure. Luckily, general anesthesia works differently, so this is unlikely, but I still fear the possibility of dying from it.

Besides the health issues, I am waiting for Descent of the Vile to go into editing. I still have a few months, I am sure, as it is in queue. But I have until June 15th to provide the final draft of the manuscript. Although I have already provided that to World Castle, I doubt they will want to edit the manuscript I sent in case I make further revisions, as they are contractually obligated to give me until June 15th to do so. So, things are moving along at the normal pace. I am impatient for you to have the book to read, of course, but I hope you will think it is worth the wait. I’m still waiting on a draft of the cover, as well. I sent my own draft to the publisher, but I am hoping they can improve upon it. As soon as the final version is approved, I will post it. Yes, I’m anxious for that, as well. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Until next time. Be safe everyone.

Still waiting

Finally got my blood test results, but I’m still waiting on the barium swallow test, colonoscopy, and endoscopy. Unfortunately, the blood tests showed that I am prediabetic, so I will have to do an even better job than already managing my diet. It’s not like I eat bad anyway. Most of my weight gain (if not all) is due to reduced metabolism from medication and not diet at all. Really frustrating that I need the medications but they cause health problems on their own.

The barium test is scheduled for tomorrow and the colonoscopy in early May. Hopefully I will start to have some answers soon. I’m just tired of feeling bad and tired of waiting.

In better news, Sophie has improved and her allergy symptoms are no longer as severe. She should be ok with just Benadryl for now.

I apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been feeling extremely fatigued and can barely get out of bed. Luckily I’ve managed a few words a day with the writing, so you won’t have to wait a horribly long time for another book. I can’t give details just yet, but you will hopefully see Descent of the Vile before the end of this year. I’ll keep you updated!


Got my baby girl back. She had lots of matts in her topknot, so that had to be cut short. But otherwise it was better than expected. She looks great!!!


My baby girl has been waiting for a grooming appointment for a long time. First, she was sick though. So I couldn’t get her shots because the vet was afraid that she would have a reaction to one of the vaccines and that they wouldn’t be able to tell. I waited and gave her meds and prescription food. Then she got sick again right as I was about to make her appointment at the vet.

Finally, she was doing well enough to get her shots, but the groomer is booked up at least a month out. I was so lucky that they’d had a cancellation for today!!! So my baby is now at the fabulous Woof Gang getting her hair cut. I’ll post an after shot, but she is very matted after so long and I’m not sure she’ll look as good as she usually does. Regardless, it will be better than now.

Starting to go out again

So, it’s been a couple of years now. Covid is not gone, but I feel like the cases have been low where I live for a while. Maybe I can go out occasionally. Most of the time, I go with my mom to the park for a hike, but last weekend we went to a Renaissance Faire. This weekend is the Fiesta Oyster Bake. While I’m looking forward to some yummy fair food, I’m also nervous about being around so many people. I’ll wear a mask at least part of the time. Remember folks, I’m immune deficient, so I have reason to be nervous. Hopefully it isn’t too soon. As I have issues with frequent illness I’m naturally cautious because everything affects me more severely than everyone else. Fingers crossed that o don’t come away with a flu or something.

Hopefully, also, we will have a good time. It will be good to see my family again. I’ve missed them.

I apologize for the lack of updates. I’m still not feeling well and it has been a challenge getting all of the diagnostic testing scheduled. But I’m hoping there will be some answers soon. The first one is on the 20th if April. I’ll update as things develop. No news yet on the upcoming novel either. I’m anxious for the cover reveal, and I promise I’ll post it when I have it.

Boba tea

Ok, so I know I’m late to the party but I’ve never managed to try boba tea before. Today, a new place opened at the mall my mom and I go to that had some. My mom wanted to try it, so we both got cups of it. She got the Thai milk tea and I got the mango milk tea. It was absolutely amazing. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time. Will have to get it again. Of course, I drank almost all of it before getting a pic.

Mango milk tea

I think I’m going to research this a bit. I live in a large city. There have to be more places to get this stuff. I’m probably going to be obsessed now. Haha!

New doctor

Although I am very happy with my previous doctor, insurance has changed, and I had to go to see a new one (and basically start over on my treatment–again). But I liked the doctor just fine. She ordered the tests that my other doctor had already ordered (but I couldn’t pay for out-of-pocket), so I will hopefully get some answers. I have to have a colonoscopy and a barium swallow test of my esophagus among other things. I’m a bit nervous about the colonoscopy although I know it is perfectly routine. It’s just that I have a fear of anesthesia and I know people do die from it (I know some first-hand). It’s frightening to think I have to do this, but I hope everything will go normally. If I want answers, I had better go through with all of it.

Also, Friday will be another trip to the Food Bank. I can’t express how grateful I am that it exists. Although I have health issues still, one of the good things to come of going to the Food Bank is that I have had to cook more often instead of eating pre-packaged food. Therefore, my cholesterol went back to normal without medication. My kidney/liver function is still abnormal, but I need the results of more tests to pin down the cause. But I’ll take what good news I can get.

Stay safe, peeps. ❤


Hello, everyone. I wanted to start off by apologizing for the lack of posts recently. I’ve tried to mention if anything important is happening, but right now, I’m dealing with health issues and there isn’t much to report. I’m waiting for the cover, and although I sent a draft of a design to my publisher, I haven’t received a design back from them. They are extremely busy, of course, so this is not unusual. But as soon as I have a final design, I will post it here.

I also wanted to note that I am attempting to get into better shape in the hopes that this will aid my recovery. So, I’ve been trying to go walking, at least occasionally. I do still write in the evenings, as always. And I love to spend time reading, as well. I have some photos of a few white-tailed deer that I encountered on my last hike. They were especially active and ran around the park freely. I didn’t want to get trampled, so I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, however.

As soon as I have news, though, I will post it. I just haven’t had much to report. I’ll try to post about other subjects in the coming days as I don’t want to not post at all, like I’ve been doing. Until then, below, enjoy pictures of white-tailed deer. I’ll post again soon.

Health issues continue

Just as an addition to previous posts, my health issues have not gone away. But I finally have an appointment with my primary care doctor with the new coverage. It’s really frustrating to have to change doctors constantly as this makes it difficult to get consistent care. But that’s what we do here in the United States.

Hopefully, I just need some more tests and we can figure out what’s wrong. The issues have been ongoing for months (some even years), and I’m afraid of what the results might be. But without consistent care, it’s difficult to get everything scheduled before it runs out. Hopefully this will be the time and I won’t be starting over in a few months time (again).

For those of you who haven’t read the earlier posts, I’ve been having numerous gastrointestinal issues including difficulty swallowing. It actually hurts to do so. Also, it feels like there’s a rock sitting in my chest preventing things from going down properly. There are other issues, but I don’t want to go into all of them. I’ll keep posting more as I get through this. My appointment is next Wednesday.

Please be safe everyone. ❤

Working on revisions

I’ve been working, but not writing the last few weeks. I have plenty of ideas for books, but I’ve been working on revisions for my upcoming novel, which I hope will make it a better story. I am still suffering from migraines, and although they are not as severe as before, they are still distracting. So, I’m not getting as much done as I would normally like. However, I am still researching options, and I hope I’ll have a solution soon.

In the meantime, please be patient waiting for the cover reveal. I’m dying of anticipation, as well, but I promise to post the pics as soon as I have them. I might even be more excited than you are, dear reader!

Also, as always I am reading. I’ve always loved reading, and for as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by books. This is no exception, and I have a large pile I am attempting to get through. This is something I am doing for fun with no expectations for anything to come of it. If you have a similar pile, I can definitely relate! However, please feel free to add The House of Wynne Lift to your pile, if you haven’t read it already. It’s a novella, so it shouldn’t take too much time.

Lastly, yes, I did update my website. It has the same content, but only a new look. I hope it is easier to read than before. I am still working on updating the Upcoming Appearances page, so I apologize that it is old information. When I have anything new, I will post it, however.

Please be safe, everyone. ❤ Until next time…